The Company Behind Grignard Pure

Grignard is an industry leader in providing specialty chemistry solutions, engineered to exceed expectations and all made in the U.S.A. The company’s commitment to customer success, together with our decades of experience, expertise in parallel technologies and custom product development methodology, has made Grignard the partner of choice for public- and private-sector organizations and OEMs nationwide.

Grignard’s in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities, plus third-party testing, enable us to deliver products with the highest quality, performance, safety and consistency – all manufactured in our ISO 9001-compliant production facility.

The company operates three divisions:

GrignardFX is the largest producer of theatrical air treatment products in North America.

USA Brands Direct is a leading producer of branded products across a range of categories including personal care, kitchen and bath, lawn, garden & patio, to specialty lubricants, offered direct to consumers and to our OEM and retail partners.

Grignard is a leading producer of high-performance specialty chemicals, including precision cleaners, lubricants and coatings, plus customized solutions for metalworking, mold release, wire rope, manufacturing, and other heavy industrial applications.


Click Here to see examples of Grignard theatrical lighting effects products in use.”

A Legacy of Innovation

Chemistry innovation is in our blood. Our ancestor, Victor Grignard, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his pioneering breakthrough known to chemists around the world as “the Grignard reagent.” Today, we continue his legacy of excellence.

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